Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bonus Poem: Quite an Earful (of spring peepers)!

(Please page down to the previous post for lectionary poems on Pentecost.)

Quite an Earful!

Driving down Route 1,
hearing chorus after chorus 
of spring peepers,
for whom it must be like 
one of those restaurants 
where everybody talks louder and louder
until you give up trying to hear 
the person across the table,
and just try to enjoy your meal,
we slow down at one of them,
roll down the windows,
listen in, and are glad 
that they, at least, 
keep on trying:
"I'm over here!"
"I'm over here!" 
"Pick me!"
"No, me!"
"I'm over here!"
"Pick me!"
"Pick me!"
while, yet again, we get to enjoy 
this delicious, springtime feast.

Scott L. Barton

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