Friday, January 26, 2018

Bonus Ditty on the Super Bowl

The O.T. Lectionary Text for February 4, 2018 is Isaiah 40:21-31

Will Massachusetts preachers dare
To read Isaiah 40, where,
Though young may fall exhausted, still,
The image is the LORD who will
Renew their strength like eagles, serves
To give encouragement, and nerves
The team from Philly, who will run,
Not faint, until the game is won?

Stay tuned, O church, come to your pews
While preachers parse Game 52!
Observe the role that they will play
To bring good news on such a day,
When o'er in Minneapolis,
That night, one team, without success,
Will see, despite much disbelief,
Magnificat's still God's motif. 

Scott L. Barton

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