Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bonus poem, especially for preachers

If you wonder if they'll miss you, consider these things I've been thinking, as I have found recently the shoe on the other foot, and waiting for my pastor to return!

Happy vacation!


Week One of the Pastor's Vacation

A tenth of the year, and the pastor's away!
I wonder if I will go into withdrawal?
Or maybe the shakes will come on, unannounced,
As Satan, all smiling, recalls how so long
The word from our Lord was what I could produce,
Which (don't get me wrong) I most always enjoyed,
But hearing the Word preached, each word fresh as dew,
Makes a body to feel, when no preaching, a void!
I never much cared 'til this pastor I met,
I thought, as for grace, I was fine on my own;
But hearing so clearly the news that I need -
This waiting for August's a thing I bemoan!

Scott L. Barton

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