Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bonus poem - On Dropping My Glass

While walking in the door just now
I dropped a favorite glass;
And as it fell down towards the floor,
I uttered something crass
Because I knew for sure this glass
I would enjoy no more;
But lo! Somehow it didn't break!
I thanked God - but what for?
I'm pretty sure God did not care
About my expletive,
Or that, if saved, I might, next time,
Be more preventative;
But thanking God comes natur'lly,
And that's not all that bad;
It's not as if God intervened
So I would not be sad;
Things are the way they are! I mean, 
The floor, a deck of wood,
The thickness of the glass and even
Just the way I stood,
Combined conditions so that fav'rite
Thing of mine survived!
Why not thank God? I do not think
Such words of mine contrived,
But rather, they express a faith
That what God made is good;
Sometimes things break, sometimes, they don't;
But when it's understood
That thanks are for how things worked out
Because that's how they're made,
I think that shows a faith that God
In love, all things pervades.

Scott L. Barton

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