Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bonus Poem: The Human Forest, and 36 years after Mt. St. Helens' eruption.

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Lindsay Barton took this picture of the trees
around Mt. St. Helens because of all the trees'
heights being the same, after their recovery
from the volcano's eruption in 1980. She said it
looks like a bad Photoshop job, but it's real!

The Human Forest

When Mt. St. Helens blew her top,
The trees were killed, their growth all stopped;
But life goes on, despite death strewn,
With forest springing up anew.
Now, thirty-six years on from then,
The view across both hill and glen
Reveals all rate of growth the same,
Like picture-perfect in some frame
That someone photoshopped so-so!
This observation goes to show
Homogeneity may be
How we all start; but like the trees,
Diversified, we come to dress,
In time to be one holy mess. 

Scott L. Barton

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