Monday, October 17, 2016

Bonus Poem: Islamophobia, and Many Others

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Islamophobia, and Many Others

How quickly we can judge
A tribe, a faith, a race,
By actions of a few
Which we believe debase
The whole, whom we don't know!
What we don't know, we fear;
And yet, what's worse is those
Who fan the flames with sheer
And outright lies, and tie
Their own prestige to hate;
They're good at firing up
The crowd, and thus create
A toxic brew to drink,
Like war, where enemies
Must be destroyed, e'en though
It's peace we all would see
Within our hearts, so none
Would be afraid; and all
The better angels of
Our nature might enthrall.
To love sincerely means 
To risk, for right to stand,
And know your chance to make
A difference is at hand.

Scott L. Barton
(For Jim Wohlgemuth, warrior for peace)

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